Haunted Flagstaff Book

Haunted Flagstaff

Some people think Flagstaff is just a sleepy little mountain town at the base of the San Francisco Peaks. Psst–they’re wrong! From inside the walls of old establishments that grace the city’s historic downtown come tales of intrigue, gun fighting and murder. It turns out that Flagstaff wasn’t always the cultural mecca it strove to be. And Haunted Flagstaff is making a stab at uncovering all the truths to be told–the good, the bad and the eerie.

Haunted Flagstaff Book

"I like to say Flagstaff is a town with ghosts, not a ghost town, because of its location, the settlers and a lot of luck! Haunted Flagstaff is the Anglicized version of the town’s beginnings. In it I hope to bring the colorful characters–who saw the potential in this old railroad settlement–to life."

Susan Johnson, Author

Haunted Flagstaff Book


Haunting History

The world of the dead lives on–ghosts are real and they hold an eternal fascination for the living. Haunted Flagstaff delves into the loves, tragedies, successes and losses that have haunted this historic town for decades. Few people have heard the stories and even fewer know where the spirits remain, hungering for any contact with the living. You’ll learn the mysteries and secrets that have had the locals whispering for years. Gone but not forgotten.


Come walk the streets of historic downtown Flagstaff. Susan will be your guide on this ghostly adventure–you’re sure to arrive home safely.

Haunted Flagstaff Book

What Our Readers Say

Anna H.

I want to visit Flagstaff after reading this book

From the opening sentence, I was hooked. I had never been to Flagstaff before, but reading this book made me want to visit so badly. This is one of those books that you just don't want to put down, it's so addictive. The author does a great job with describing every scene and setting and it feels like you've walked in these places before.

Tom J.

I love a good thriller!

I love a good thriller! Haunted Flagstaff Book was the perfect read for me. I had to fight my way through stormy weather and thunderstorms to finish it...the action was so fast and in-depth. I really felt like I was there, going through every detail of this story. If you're looking for a thrill then pick up Haunted Flagstaff Book today

Maria S.

Haunted Flagstaff Book is the real deal

I've always loved a good ghost story, but the Haunted Flagstaff Book is the real deal. This is not just any old spooky story, this is Flagstaff's haunted past translated into a beautiful book. The amount of detail they've put into capturing the city's most haunting stories and exploring them in such an engaging way is nothing short of amazing!


In the middle of the thick ponderosa pine and cool mountain air, there is a dark side to Flagstaff. The city has been plagued with tales of hauntings, murders, and ghost sightings for decades.